How to Make Straw Pellets

How to Make Straw Pellets

Making Straw Pellets is an impossible task if you do not have the right processes of the machine. Getting the machine is a lot easy with the advancement of the internet today. All you need to do is search the keywords “straw pellet machine for sale” and you will get the options. The hard part of making Straw Pellets is the process. You have to be careful from the start till the finish of the process. In this guide, we will go over each process required to make your quality Straw Pellets. Of course, you will be needing some tools for the whole process. Let’s go;

Get all raw materials required

You can not make straw pellets out of nothing. You will need raw materials to start the process. The quality of the raw materials is something you must pay attention to; first, because they affect the quality of the Pellets and because of the lifespan of the machine. When the raw materials for straw Pellets are gathered, other materials like metals, plastics, and others get into the mix. If you force the machine to pellet these materials, it will lead to damage.

Grind the raw materials

Once you have your raw materials sorted out with all impurities, you can start the process. The raw materials for the straw pellets are usually long and have the appearance of a tube. Hence, it may be too big to get into the pellet machine. You need to cut and reduce the sizes of the raw materials to fit the pellet machines.

Dry them naturally

You require a bit of moisture to perfectly make your straw pellets. However, it will be unwise to use raw materials with high content. It is crucial that the amount of water within the raw materials should not be more than 15% of the whole process.

Put raw materials in the right condition

Straw Pellets will only form properly under the right conditions. Making the conditions the right one is as easy as making the straw harder. You will need a couple of items to make that happen including;

  • Steam
  • Binding agents
  • Additives

When you hit the right temperature on the raw straw pellet, there is a secretion of a constant known as lignin. This component is usually the one to act as the Binding agent for the straw pellet.

Pellet it

The actual palletizing process is the easiest, as far as you have followed the steps above. All you need is to load it into your machine and wait for the results.


You can make Straw Pellets independently if you have the right raw materials and tools. Of course, on your first trial, there will be some mistakes, but if you carefully follow the steps in this guide, you are good to go. This activity is a common one in Europe, so if you want to really learn by knowledge and sight, you can check around. What is more important than all the processes listed above is the quality of the raw materials you use. The material needs to be pure Biomass that has a little bit of water content within the materials. That way, you can rest assured that your machine will not get damaged.

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