Beautiful BC

Today is a statutory holiday in our province as we celebrate BC Day; a day to celebrate the beautiful place we’re so thankful to call home! It seems like the perfect day to share photos of one of the many amazing places in my province. My husband and I took advantage of the long weekend and went on a mini road trip to a region of BC called the Okanagan; it’s a beautiful region known for it’s hot summers, world class wineries and massive lakes. Growing up it was a popular getaway from the city for my family and I have fond memories of summers spent swimming in the numerous lakes and tanning on the beach.

When I met my husband, the Okanagan was a natural choice for our first summer getaway and it soon became a yearly trip for us. This weekend we decided to drive up through the beautiful mountains and grab some delicious Okanagan fruit to bring home! The weather was less than ideal (a total understatement), as we experienced every type of weather possible except snow! It definitely made for an eventful trip, but sadly my photos don’t do the region justice…but then again that’s what living in BC is all about. I hope you enjoy this little slice of beautiful BC!


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    Gorgeous photos!!! The Okanagon is truly an amazing getaway… We had a friend visit from England and he told us we were spoiled for living in such an amazing part of the world and I realized he was right– its easy to take it for granted sometimes. Great post!

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    Beautiful photos! The landscapes and nature are one of my favorite things about living in the country- now I don’t see as much green (but at least I still see squirrels!)

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    This looks amazing! One of these days I’m going to have to make it up to Canada beyond the Vancouver airport haha! My parents are on a trip in Banff right now though I’m not exactly sure if that’s near BC at all!

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