A Colorful Vintage Picnic

When summer rolls around my mind instantly jumps to evenings on our patio and picnics in the park! I love the idea of packing a delicious lunch and some yummy drinks (maybe even a bottle of bubbly) and heading to a grassy spot to eat under the sun! Although we’ve yet to have our first one this summer, my husband and I are planning a picnic (or two, or three) in the coming weeks. Below are a few of my favorite items for a vintage (and colorful) summer picnic! Do you have favorite items you love to bring along on a picnic?

book // basket // plates // straws // pitcher // blanket // napkins
lantern // glasses


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    That Kate Spade bag is so perfect–I’ve always wanted a cute picnic basket, but sadly I don’t think I realllyyyyy have a need for it. Usually we just throw crap in a grocery bag before we head to the park haha…I wish we were more classy!

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    love all of the colors here, i want everything on the list! the plates are so pretty and that blanket is amazing.

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    Oh my, those plates are amazing! I desperately need to get a summer picnic in before it’s too late – it’s always on my bucket list and I need to make it happen :)

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend! let’s catch up soon!


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    Picnics in the park sound so fun this time of year! That Kate Spade picnic basket might be the cutest accessory ever. Have you seen the champagne bottle tote from that same collection!? It’s ADORABLE!

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    That picnic basket is adorable, and that pitcher is gorgeous! Picnics in the park during the summer are so fun. Hope you two have a great time!

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