The Perfect Chair

I’ve been refining my vision for my our office (if my husband is reading this) for a while now. I first shared my inspiration for the space here and have since been searching for the perfect pieces! Over the last couple months I’ve stumbled across more beautiful office spaces which I’ve also been using as inspiration and have included them below. I already have a wonderful large glass top desk and at the moment I’m on the hunt for the perfect white leather office chair. I’d like it to be modern yet still fit our style which is somewhere between contemporary and traditional. Above are my top six choices – do you have a favorite?

one // two // three // four // five // six

one // two // three // four // five // six


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    LOVE white office spaces – so clean and modern! And what’s funny is I was JUST thinking about my office (my bf and I are moving soon so I’ll get a bigger ‘office’ space) and I saw that first white chair in whatever I was reading at the time and was like that NEEDS to be mine! Great roundup. xo, Julie

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    I have an “office” in my bedroom now, but when I’m moving in a month, I realllyyyy hope we have space for my own to re-create. White chairs (and white furniture in general) is so chic!

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    ooo I love that first white office space with pink flowers & the deer head art – very cool! I dont have an office yet.. but one day…one day.

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    ahh yes! thank you for this! i’ve been meaning to do a comparison. i like them all, but i think my pick would come down to the one with the best lumbar support. i have back problems, so function definitely needs to meet form for any chair i pick.

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