Spring Florals

Seeing all the pastel colors for spring has got me thinking about the sweet smell of spring flowers! We’ve had tulips in our house for almost a month (I think I might be slightly obsessed because I keep buying them) but then again it could be that they represent life and rejuvenation since old man winter has killed off everything else! It’s not just in the spring that I adore floral scents, they’re my favorite year round but I figured what better time to share them with you then spring! I wish I could say that I own all of them (I hope to one day) but they’re my top picks for deliciously floral scents that make me weak in the knees! If I could design a perfume it would smell exactly like Eclat d’Arpège by Lanvin; floral, sweet and simply heavenly! I recently discovered Peony Blossom by Philosophy; if you love peonies like me, you’ll be totally smitten! I’m always on the lookout for another amazing floral perfume, I’d love to hear your favorite!

Spring Florals

BCBG // Chanel // Lanvin // Issey Miyake // Viktor & Rolf
Philosophy // Marc Jacobs


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    I love the bottles of these almost as much as I would probably like the scents. I just splurged on some Lancome perfume, so that’s been my go-to lately.

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    I am obsessed with the Viktor and Rolf perfume–it’s funny, because I hate florally scents, but when you wear that one, it turns almost vanilla/musky (at least on me, I know it can be different for others!) I also have that Issey Miyake perfume that I got for Christmas! So pretty too, but definitely more of a “night out” scent.

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    I’ve been meaing to buy another perfume. It’s so hard to choose >.< The one that I have now is Givenchy Dahlia Noir. It's a pink bottle and it has such a nice soft and sweet smell. It makes me feel happy when I smell it :)

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    Mmmmmm…..I love spring scents! I have a slight obsession with Chanel perfume (probably because it’s the only Chanel product I can afford, whoops!), and this one sounds delightful! Great picks, Jen!

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