Peppermint Heart Marshmallows

These heart shaped marshmallows were so cute I knew I had to make them the moment I saw them! They’re super easy to make and are absolutely perfect to pop in a cup of hot cocoa this week! I’m excited to share a few more Valentines posts in the coming week so hopefully you like this one!

Peppermint Heart Marshmallows
You’ll need:

In a large bowl combine whipped topping with a couple drops of peppermint extract.

Stir until smooth, make sure there are no lumps!
Note: The original recipe called for a 1/2 cup of water to be combined with the whipped topping – I found that the marshmallows melted quickly once they were removed from the freezer so I wouldn’t suggest mixing the topping with any water.

Pour mixture into a pan lined with parchment paper – I wanted my marshmallows to be relatively thin so I chose a shallow baking pan

Add drops of red food coloring

Mix food coloring with your finger to make swirls

I seriously couldn’t get enough of the pretty pink swirls!

Freeze the mixture for a minimum of eight hours – preferably over night.
Cut using cute heart shaped cookie cutters

Pop the marshmallows into some cocoa or store in the freezer for later

Original recipe from Say Yes To Hoboken


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    FYI: For the lactose intolerant folk, such as myself, there is now lactose free whipping cream by Natrel. Another option if you want to indulge in this yummy treat! PS I <3 the swirls!

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      Thanks Alyssa! This was my first attempt at making marshmallows (I definitely took the easy route lol)! I have a recipe for strawberry marshmallows that I can’t wait to try come spring! I’m a little nervous though because it seems like something that’s difficult to make. xo

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      Not only do we share the same name, but I’m also totally addicted to hot chocolate too! It’s my go to drink at Starbucks and I’m always drinking a hot cup of cocoa at home :) These are the perfect hot chocolate companion! xo

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        haha twins! I’m a big coffee drinker too so Starbucks tends to give me my coffee fix-but I’ve had hot chocolate almost every night at home this whole winter. Probably not my best move but it just hits the spot every time!

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          I used to love drinking coffee until it started to really bother my stomach, so I’ve seen had to cut that out of my diet as well. Hahaha I totally agree that hot chocolate probably isn’t the best choice but it just tastes so good, it’s irresistible!

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    Yay! I’ve always wanted to make homemade marshmellows, but they take hours and hours! I’m going to have to try this quicker recipe – plus they are adorable for everyday of the year {but especially valentines!}


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      Marshmallows have been on my list of things to try for a longtime too! Clearly I cheated in this recipe but I’m excited to try making real strawberry marshmallows come the spring! When making these just make sure you freeze them for a long time, otherwise they melt quickly (I learned that the hard way)! xo


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