A Shopaholic’s Dream

The other day I came across the coolest website. Ever. You know when you get your daily dose of online shopping and each day you find more and more amazing items (most of which would make your wallet want to cry itself to sleep). Every day your list grows longer and longer as you wait patiently for those coveted items to go on sale so that you can justify buying them because after all, “they were on sale!” Well enter Shelf, the most amazing place for shopaholics like myself who love to get a deal on their favorite pieces! It allows you to create shelves classified either by designer or category where you can add items you’ve got your eye on. The best part is you can enter the price that you’re happy paying and you’ll get a notification when the item drops to your specified price! Talk about a huge time saver! You can even share your shelves with friends! If you’re curious what I’m currently obsessing over, I’ve included some of my favorite pieces below or you can take a peek at my shelf here!


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      Wasn’t it fun?! I love that you can share it too, it reminds me of currently obsessed but all the items you’re waiting patiently to go on sale! I also love those LuLu Frost earrings, they’re simply magnificent! xo

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      Hahaha oh Yi-chia, I’m sure my husband is thinking the same thing! When he got home from work last night I had this giddy smile plastered across my face and as I started to tell him about it, he smiled politely and responded with “that’s great hunny”…translation: good lord another shopping website lol. xo

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      Yes you do! They even have promo codes and special deals listed so it’s all in one place – talk about convenient! I’m glad you love my list, it seems like it’s a little lopsided for color though…I predict a bunch of turquoise and pink spring and summer outfit posts lol. xo

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    I just recently discovered Shelf too and I love it! I’ve been trying not to get on the site too much because I already have a shopping problem, and I think this might make it worse! I love being able to find everything I love/want in one place! Your shelf is very cute, of course!


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      Hahaha you and me both Olivia! I like to look at it as we’re saving money by buying the items on sale right? I mean, is it really make our shopping problem that much worse? I totally love how everything is in one place too! Thanks, I’d love to see your shelf, I’m sure it’s loaded with pretty items! xo

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      Thanks so much for checking out my post Lauren! I was thrilled to come across Shelf and certainly couldn’t keep such a great find to myself! I’m in love with all of the items too, they’re all so pretty!

      xo jen

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