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Well the Zara Home website hasn’t even been up and running for a month and I already have a list as long as my arm of items I’m dying to have! On more than one occasion I’ve found myself on the website without any intention of going there (it must be my subconscious telling me that I need to buy one of the many gorgeous items)! As a result, my list grows longer by the day! If somehow you missed the launch in the US on October 9th, you must head over there immediately! However I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t warn you that you’re going to want to buy pretty much everything! There are so many great pieces and the best part is they’re all quite reasonable! If you’re totally obsessed like me there’s even an app so you can keep up to date on the latest items and browse the catalogue on the go! Zara Home is the same great designs (and prices) that we’ve come to know and love from Zara but for our home! Is there anything better? I’d love to know what items you’ve got your eye on!

tray | serving set | lucite table | mercury glass jarcandle | tea set | floral box | glass jars | candle stick | throwpillows | napkin rings


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      I could buy pretty much everything on there Julie! I’m thrilled they decided to launch it and I’m glad you liked my favorites! I’m happy you’re feeling better, I’m slowly getting there! xo

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      Oh my goodness me too Alyssa! The platter and the tea set are probably my favorites but then again I love all of it so it’s a tough call lol. I’ve also been looking for an antique silver tray for a while too and I haven’t had much luck…until now that is! I think it would be beautiful for tea or to display perfume or jewels on top of a vanity! xo

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    You’re right. I do want everything. I had no idea that it launched (on my birthday no less) so I thank you very much for bringing it to my attention.
    We’re getting a Zara at my local mall soon. Can. Not. Wait!!!

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      Hahaha don’t say I didn’t warn you Rachel! Well what a pleasant surprise this must have been today, I’m happy I was able to let you know about it! I remember hearing about the possibility of Zara Home but when the launch came across it definitely wasn’t as publicized as I thought it would be. As for getting a store in your local mall I couldn’t be more excited for you! xo

  2. charminglystyled says

    All I can say is “Yes please!”. We don’t have a Zara where I live (which is probably a good thing), but Ill definitely be crushing on these pieces online! Thanks for the fun inspiration Jen!


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      Hahaha I know what you mean Maya! I have a tough time controlling myself when I’m shopping there! I’m happy I could be the source of some wonderful online shopping for you! You definitely won’t be crushing alone! xo

  3. fizzandfrosting says

    Um, I love EVERYTHING. I am both simultaneously sad and glad that the nearest Zara is over an hour away!

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      Haha Lauren I know exactly what you mean! At least if you really need a fix the store isn’t too far away! Everything is so beautiful, you can’t blame us for loving it all right?! xo

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      I agree, there are so many wonderful pieces to choose from! That’s too bad that you don’t have a Zara there, at least Zara Home has online shopping so you can order it online and have it shipped to you! Thanks for checking out my blog Zhanna!

      xo jen

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    That tea service is so beautiful! I started painting a cream n’ sugar set at a pottery shop & need to go back to finish it up! Someday I hope to have something beautiful like the above! =]

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      I absolutely love that tea set! I’m sure you’re cream and sugar set will look beautiful once you’re done painting it! Then you can add a pretty teapot to it make it a complete set! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

      xo jen

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