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Lately I’ve noticed an increasing number of bloggers sporting large floppy brimmed hats. I can’t say I’m the biggest hat fan but there’s something chic and feminine about these floppy hats that I’m loving. They’d also be the perfect addition to a rainy day outfit, saving your hair from being destroyed from the wind and rain! I’d love to hear your thoughts; are you loving them like me or passing on this fall trend?

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    i am getting into the floppy hat look. there is one at cost plus that i have my eye on but i haven’t quite bit the bullet even though it is only $24 but i can’t decide either brown or a maroon color. i love these ones you featured here

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      Oh that’s such a steal! I’m the worst at trying to decide between two colors; the brown is nice because it’s neutral and would complement a lot of other colors while maroon and burgundy and such popular fall colors. That’s definitely a tough one! I’d say go for the maroon, it’s a beautiful color! Thanks for stopping by Meg!

      xo jen

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      Emily you’re so sweet, thank you! Aren’t they chic yet fun at the same time – so great for fall! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment! Can’t wait to read more of your blog (and see your hat)!

      xo jen

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    I reallllyyyyy want to be able to pull this off. I think I might try, but I have to have the right outfit first. I’ll keep you posted, thanks for the inspiration :)

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    not sure if my last comment went through!! i am loving the floppy hats too! just snagged a camel one from Marshalls this week for $14.99 (really similar to #6 from above) – love it!! and love your blog!! xoxo

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      Wow you definitely can’t turn down that great of a deal! That’s such a great style, I’m sure you’ll get a ton of wear out of it! I’m blushing from all your lovely comments Emily – thank you!!

      xo jen

  4. Cathy G says

    To me this is one of those fashion trends that I like the idea of but confuses me in application. For example, do you wear it strictly outdoors? Or do I wear it inside at school? Also if I wear it to school it would get in the way a lot. I think I’m over thinking it a little!

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      Hahaha I think you might be over thinking it a little too! Personally, I’d probably just wear it outside otherwise like you said, it would be quite awkward inside! Nevertheless, I think it adds a touch of class to an outfit. xo

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    So so pretty! I love the choices. I, unfortunately, am not a big hat person beyond beachwear because of my crazy hair haha! But I do love a good hat on other people! The ones you chose are so refined. I feel like I should call them chapeaux or something more suitable than hats! xx

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      I usually restrict my hat use to big brimmed beach hats as well Casey but I think I might step outside my comfort zone and try one of these chapeaux (as you’ve aptly name them) this fall! It’s too bad that your locks get in the way of trying them out! xo

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    LOVE #10. I really like hats, but I hate committing to wearing them all day. It may be silly, but my hair vanity typically keeps me from wearing them. I feel like I’m missing out!

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